Shaun evans andrea corr dating

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Originally entitled "The Great Ceili War," the film, directed by John Irvin, produced by Evzen Kolar, and starring Andrea Corr, has a new name: "The Boys From County Clare." Andrea (tin whistle, lead vocals) and her siblings form the hugely popular group The Corrs."Set against a backdrop of traditional Irish music in 1970s rural Ireland, this ensemble comedy drama centres around two brothers, both fiddle players, who meet up again for the first time in twenty-five years as band leaders and arch rivals in the finals of the All Ireland Ceili Band Competition, the strict time music of jigs, reels and hornpipes played for set dancers.Now both in their fifties, and with an old score to settle concerning their estrangement, their story -- and that of those around them -- is a story of music, sabotage, love and eventual forgiveness, of Montagues versus Capulets, and a pair of young star-crossed lovers, both musicians in the rival bands."The "fiddle player" character of Anne is Andrea Corr's first time as a lead in a film, although we admire her work in previous, and much smaller roles, such as in "The Commitments" (which also featured Ronan Hardiman in a bit part with very long hair! Evans was born and raised in Liverpool, where his father worked as a taxi driver and his mother was employed as a hospital health care worker.

This time it's to include the role of the character played by Andrea Corr of the Corrs.

Her disenchantment manifests itself in wanting Michael to close their current production early so that she can recharge her juices, something he is reluctant to do if only for not wanting to let the theater sit empty.

What Julia ends up doing instead is embarking on an affair with Tom Fennel, an adoring young American who is young enough to be her son. Performed by Andrew Paton Story Busher See more » Tom Sturridge in a lovely performance as Roger, Julia's son, puts it beautifully in a soft confrontation with his mother.

Besides their work, Julia and Michael lead largely separate lives, they long ago having stopped a sexual relationship.

Julia of late has been feeling disenchanted with her life, she not wanting to admit it's because she is approaching middle age.

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