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With no real images of the device currently available on the site, it's hard to know just how the tech — which is a combination of nano-chips and sensors — will make it into the ring. Con will be available in one size thanks to a band adjustment feature.

While the wearable is currently available for pre-order on British Condoms for £59.99, the company says it won't take your money until it has a confirmed release date.

But are you aware of the long list of psychological benefits?

Ruby aims to empower women to have more control over their reproductive health; it acts as a holistic, trustworthy source for all things sex and body. As you record more information, the app illustrates a more exact look at your bodily trends, showing you what happens month after month.It can also let you know what times of the month your pain tolerance is likely highest, so you can schedule a bikini wax or new tattoo when you can handle it best.On top of this, the app has answers to your every burning question about sex, birth control, and your reproductive cycle.But it's not the first company to deep in to the space last year. Johns County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook that they "were able to take him into custody without incident and with no injuries to any of our deputies on scene."Robert Ferrell, 35, failed to register as a sex offender after being released from prison in July, the Sheriff's Office said. While the state contracts with private companies for GPS tracking of sexual offenders, Mulligan said it's the Sheriff's Offices' responsibility to keep tabs on them.

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