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The magic about this recipe is that you don't specifically taste the beetroot flavour, but what it adds is a depth of flavour (the earthiness of the beetroot pairs beautifully with the earthiness of chocolate) and a beautiful moist cake that will keep for days (if of course it can be resisted that long! The other benefits of this cake recipe over others is that, well, I can eat it (!! At the end of the day it is a decadent cake, but with a few ingredients with health benefits, ie the almonds and beetroot, and without the artificial colourings.

Oh, and the other great thing about this choc beetroot cake recipe is that raw beetroot is used.

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This lip cord is 1/2 diameter and I'm using a 1/4" cording foot.A lot of recipes out there ask you to cook the beetroot first and then it cooks again in the cake. I, of course, made this in the Thermomix (the recipe was loosely based on the Swiss Carrot Cake recipe in the Gluten Free Thermomix cookbook) which made things very easy but I have also added the conventional method so everyone can whip this up for their next dinner party!Apart from being too many steps for my liking (the simpler the better is my mantra) it also cooks the *! out of it, and would totally kill off all the water soluble nutrients in the vegetable!! Prince Henry established a slave market and fort in Arguin Bay (West Africa) in 1445 and the enslaved Africans were brought back to Portugal.When a large slave auction was held in Lagos (Portugal) in that same year it was described by one witness as a "terrible scene of misery and disorder".

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