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That's because most credit card issuers require a credit score to approve a new credit card application.

However, you won't have a credit score until you have at least one active account on your credit report for six months.

CREATE YOUR NEW MEMBER ACCOUNT You'll be asked to create a member account if you don't already have one.

Simply click the "No, I do not have a member account" option when asked to log in to the registration system. After you've filled in your parent and player(s) information, you'll see your total fees and can choose to pay by check or by debit or credit card online.

Judge Jamie Tabor, QC, had just sentenced a man to six years in prison for child sex offences at Gloucester crown court when he turned to a group of about 50 pupils in the public gallery and told them that they should always stay fully clothed and in a “decent pose” in case the images ever embarrass them in later life.

His comments came two weeks after a female judge was attacked for apparent victim-blaming.

IMPORTANT - IF you have an account, but would like to change your user name - PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!

You may still register online and pay IN PERSON at the skill assessment, by checking the "Pay by Check" option.

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Note: No credit card information is EVER stored on our computers and all information is encrypted for your security.

A judge has been accused of “victim-blaming” by women’s groups after he warned teenage girls never to take their clothes off or strike indecent poses while messaging online.

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