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The court heard he added the boy on Facebook and they would communicate via webcam.The mother, who can't be identified, said her son had seen the graphic incident on their home computer before the child raised the alarm by telling his mum Duddy was "weird".Chatting on your phone while crossing the road, however, it might just be the 'yeah, that's fine' shorthand that saves your life. One of the great mysteries of the emoji world, we are yet to find a single practical application for these ladies – except, perhaps, to suggest a trip to the Playboy Mansion, which quite frankly rarely comes up – but we love them all the same. The moon emoji series were presumably intended for keen astronomers and / or vampires arranging a get-together, but to us, the Full Moon With Face says only one thing: 'I am stuffed'. Black obsidian displays many faces (or forms) that constantly shows us the presence of light within darkness.Looks like a biomechanically grown UFO."Mr Waring did not explain what a biomechanically grown UFO was in his post or his evidence for it being one.

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This handy combo is a short hand for bashing the bishop and the perfect eyebrow-raised riposte to any friend claiming he is skipping the pub to stay in 'for an early night'. Use him to show the world you're not going to sign out and log into the great database in the sky without enjoying yourself all the way to the end.

Honor these powerful energies and ask that they be used to assist in the journey to transform lower nature into your highest good.

"Also the surface is not completely round, but has a rough edge to it.

The Dancer is the closest thing to a feminist icon in the emoji universe, used by the fairer sex to communicate a vivacious mood or mark a moment of ironic self-empowerment. Accordingly, men should embrace The Dancer – surely the first true emoji superstar – in the exact same way. There is something deeply, inexplicably funny about Person Frowning. But I do want you to know I am a little annoyed' which, as we all know, is an essential message to communicate clearly in any healthy relationship.

But more importantly, she and her spiritual counterpart Person Bowing Deeply are useful short hand for: 'I'm pissed off with you. Giving the thumbs up in real life makes you look like either A) someone who still tries to channel The Fonz or B) an extremely nervous office intern.

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