Fuck campic

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As a rule I like my opinion pieces to be airtight and unimpeachable. It’s slightly, but only slightly, less unimpeachable. This all sounds nice in theory and perhaps in practice under perfect conditions (no bugs, a bed, walls around you, see-through ceiling).

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You’re being guaranteed a more-or-less captive audience–these large-scale student events are always well-attended since they’re generally available at low or no cost to students and preempt any other scheduled events for the evening–and a big fat check.And if you've got a significant other, bring him or her along too — it will improve your sex life.A survey from the tent company OLPRO, highlighted by the Daily Mail, revealed that couples who camp together experience increased levels of passion between the sheets both during camping and after. Sleeping on the wet ground even though I paid for a dry (if mouse-infested) apartment in the great city of Philadelphia? I was in college and had my whole life ahead of me, and look at where I am now. Normally you can be be mad about a bug in your house, but when you’re in the bugs’ house?

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