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I needed to talk to someone about this so I went to a counselor at the student health service and in the first session she practically ordered me not to see him for three months. Must we stop this immediately, or may we let it continue and hope we grow out of it?Dear Sibling, Since you’re both in your 20s, the trend appears to be going the opposite way of outgrowing your closeness.I played the first 30 seconds and knew exactly what it was.I turned it off and went and vomited in the backyard." "I didn't want to have sex with him. I didn't want to look at him," she says, "and he didn't like that at all. With the increased availability of cameras and filming technology on smartphones and tablets, a small, but growing number of women have been blackmailed with video footage of their rapes.Also, get behind the fact that Robinson consistently drives home the message that women can both gossip about hot celebs and intelligently discuss hot-button issues like equal pay.Consider this a fist bump for anyone sick of the notion that women talking about and reveling in sex is somehow taboo or shameful.

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"I saw flailing limbs, my telling him to get off, and then having my arms pinned down.On 5th May, Suha Soni @soni_suha, a budding doctor, avid reader, enthusiastic traveller and active feminist conducted a Tweetchat on the topic of “Solo Female Travellers”.While the chat began with a general discussion about travelling solo and the many issues that discourage women from travelling alone, it also gave room for discussion around the reasons for the same, why women feel unsafe while travelling alone and what can be done to encourage them to access new spaces alone without fear. @pinthecreep hosted an insightful tweet chat on the 5th of May on the topic “WOMEN AND SOLO TRAVELLING”.It gave an idea of the vibrant views of people on this delicate topic.), there’s no better time for us to rise up and make waves.

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