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installers start running today (even though you can install the game, you can't play until midnight PST), a host of issues have cropped up.Most of these can be solved by commonsense troubleshooting techniques, but some others are a bit more .

Blizzard you suck what's the point of all this crap ?His favorite authors are Elizabeth Moon and David Eddings etc (in that order).Please click the link below for more information or contact Customer Support if the problem persists.He has worked as a consultant/contractor for a number of firms, including camera driven touch screen company Next Window, ISP Web Drive, and New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development’s contracting firm FMIT (specializing in various online registries).He is well versed in in Python (Plone), PHP, Javascript (j Query), Java, My SQL, knowledgeable in C/C , and a little green in anything .

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