Amanda seyfried and james franco dating

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: to be beaten or controlled or hired out for rape by husband-of-the-year Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard), to be talked about and talked at by the various men who, essentially, own her, who see her not only as an object of sexual desire, but increasingly as a cash cow.

Rarely does she display any agency of her own, and yes, we do know that is an accurate reflection of what happens in many abusive spousal relationships, (and possibly of the sexual politics at the time, especially in the porn industry), we just wish we saw more of it through Lovelace’s eyes.

Does he have photographers taking pictures while in bed? Anyway, 34-year-old Franco is set to receive a Walk of Fame star next year probably before Helen Mirren.

Is he watching himself in a mirror while having sex?

Dominic Cooper, Ryan Phillipe, then Josh Hartnett (who also dated Scarlett Johansson).

Dominic Cooper, best known for playing Howard Stark in Captain America, dons another pair of polished oxfords for his turn as James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, in the new miniseries, Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, premiering on BBC America tonight.

We caught up with Amanda Seyfried's former leading man in Vancouver, where he is currently filming the new Warcraft movie alongside Ben Foster and Paula Patton. When he was a young man, he was given so many opportunities, but he never really seemed to appreciate them or take advantage of them.

A thrown away “my mom told be to obey my husband” just doesn’t cut it, and in any case that’s taken directly from presumably real footage of an interview on the “Donahue” show.

What does “Lovelace” tell us about Linda Lovelace that is not already part of the public domain? In only covering the period between the lead up to and the implosion of her relationship with Traynor, the film reads more as “Linda & Chuck: Portrait Of the Shittiest Marriage In History” than as “Lovelace.” And the structure only compounds that: in a self-conscious and not wholly successful stylistic flourish, directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (“Howl”) tell the main part of the story twice.

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